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Passing Your Driving Test

So are you wanting to get on the road driving your own car in Tuffley and beyond? Because that is what learning to drive is all about.

When I help you to pass your driving test, I´m going to make it easy for you because my lessons are going to give you a whole lot more...

They will be leaving you fully prepared for any driving test and having the confidence you need to impress the driving examiner and to get that magic phrase..."I am pleased to tell you that you have Passed"

You are so close to getting your driving licence and leading the life you want to live. You know, passing your driving test and getting your driving licence is one of those life changing moments. It can mean so much more than a few nudges of the snooze button in the morning because you don´t need to catch the bus...though that of course is one great bonus!

Once you have your driving licence you have the freedom to drive anywhere in Tuffley and further afield... loads of opportunities come your way. It could be a better paid job, meeting new friends or just weekend road trips. Imagine yourself loading up your car and going away for a long weekend with your friends...that´s what a driving licence brings. Life changing!

With Mike Williams Driving School you get ALL of this as standard...

Course Handouts: FREE handouts will help you to learn quicker

Driver´s Progress Card to keep a check on your progress

Fast track or easy pace driving lessons in Tuffley to fit your needs

Full hour lesson to ensure that you gain maximum value

Flexible pick up and drop off points for (no taxi fares!)

No car sharing – we are dedicated to you

Our great Triple Guarantee. (see separate page for details)

Special discount on all Block Bookings
Bonus value options

Pass Plus courses to save money on your car insurance

Motorway lessons for maximum safety and confidence after you pass

Full Range of Learning Materials

Parents and Grandparents Gift vouchers

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We will develop your driving skills so that you not only pass the test but become a confident and economic driver – this will save £££´s in years to come and help to ensure your safety and security on the road.
While we´ll show you some test routes you will not be bored by driving around test routes every driving lesson, once you pass your test you may never drive on a test route again!

We will give you the confidence you need to go further away from home to experience different roads in areas where you are most likely to drive after your test. For instance, if you live in Tuffley you may drive to Cheltenham, and if you live in Tuffley, you may also drive to Gloucester. We even offer you an out of town shopping route or a visit to the railway station car park.

We will help you by following the syllabus developed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to help you pass the Theory, Hazard Perception and the Practical Tests - The DVSA are the people who will be conducting your driving test, so it pays to get the best driving tuition possible.

Mike Williams Driving School puts YOU first – Call us or text today on 07863239331 now to find out about our latest offers.

Who are YOU going to TRUST with your driving tuition?

Do you want the cheapest driving lessons or do you want quality affordable driving tuition that will give you the best chance of passing your driving test 1ST TIME?

Beware! Some driving schools charge much more, but believe me, this does not mean they deliver the best driving lessons.
They then say that anybody charging a lesson price that is less than theirs´, must be giving you the customer, less value for money. Another ploy is to say that they can get you to Pass your Practical Driving Test in an average of 20 - 25 hours,... really?!?! You go on board with them, take longer than that, and you are then told that some people take longer than others. It´s their way of justifying a higher price. Please see my Customer Reviews, and see what my clients say about their learning experience.

By taking your intensive driving lessons with Mike Williams Driving School in Tuffley, you will be getting the best of both worlds with very high standard, cost effective lessons that have helped hundreds of learner drivers successfully pass their test and go on to be confident, safe and responsible drivers.

All pupils take in information differently and your driving lessons will be adapted to cater for your own learning style. This will allow you to get the maximum benefit from each and every lesson ensuring consistent progression at a pace that best suits you. This allows your confidence and skill behind the wheel to build more quickly and can SAVE YOU MONEY as you will reach test standard with fewer lessons.

In addition to the standard lessons, I also offer hazard perception & theory test help and advice, Post test tuition, Refresher and Motorway lessons.

Quality driving courses in Tuffley.

DVSA registered & Approved Instructor

Full hour lessons

No car sharing

Theory test preparation

I have a range of driving lessons to suit your needs, all of which are designed to help you become a brilliant driver. Passing your driving test is easy when you know how. The driving test is there to verify that you can drive on your own without any support, so that is what you are going to be doing before you go into your driving test.

Just before your test you will be doing some fine tuning and work on advanced driving, in short you won´t need me and that´s how I am going to prepare you for the driving test. You will end up going into your driving test being able to show the driving examiner you are good to go, and you will have the confidence as well.

Give me a call on 07863239331 , and we can start your journey to get a full driving licence together.

From your first driving lesson you are going to learn good driving habits which will help you pass your driving test and become a safe driver.

Driving Test Rescue
Think about the real reason for you repeatedly failing.. it´s not your fault, your previous instructor might not have prepared you correctly. Let´s see what we can do shall we?

Part Trained
As you can already drive the last thing you want to do is start with a beginners lesson, so show me what you can do and we will build your skills from there.

Weekend Lessons
Busy with work or studying? How does taking lessons and even your driving test on a weekend sound?

Confidence Building
Feeling nervous and anxious is not what you want when driving a car. I am going to help you take control and feel comfortable.

Pass 1st Time
Before you go into your driving test you will have all the skills you need to pass first time. Lets do it!

Prices in Tuffley

Starter Deal 4 Hours for £89 in Tuffley (Complete Beginners..Never driven before)

Pay As You Go 2 Hour Lesson Tuffley £58

10 hours paid in advance Tuffley £280

To book lessons, or for more information about the lessons I offer, please call or text Mike on 07863 239331. Or, just complete and submit the Contact Form, and we can start the journey to get your full driving licence together.

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Flexibility To Suit You

Flexible pick up / drop off
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Retest courses available
Full courses from 12 - 42 Hours
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My Mission is to get You to Pass your Test 1st Time!
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