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1st time passer
Mike was really clear with his instructions and his techniques made it easy to learn.

Mike was really clear with his instructions and his techniques made it easy to learn.

Husain Halaibi from Gloucester

You are about to learn something that most driving schools do not want you to know..... the fact that if you take your driving test in the Gloucester area then your chances of passing are around only 35%

There are many driving schools in Gloucester, but the really sad news is many of them are failing you. Shock, horror!! A learner can easily pay £1000 for driving lessons, so you would expect a much better service than getting a one in three chance of passing your driving test.
Save money by taking top quality lessons.

Here at Mike Williams Driving School we have a totally different plan to you passing your driving test, and to back up our claims that we offer top quality driving lessons in Gloucester, then check out our Triple Guarantee.

We offer you manual driving lessons in Gloucester, and with your money back guarantee as a part of our Triple Guarantee, we can give you a solid promise you will so enjoy your lessons.

Soon you will be on the road, going far and wide on road trips with your mates.....that´s a promise! So to get started just give us a call.
Phone Today 07863239331

This is approximately the same for Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cirencester, and Swindon

So how do you pass your driving test at the 1st attempt?

We all want to pass our driving test 1st time and as soon as possible. Passing the driving test is a ´life changer´, (this is a phrase that most people use when giving me the main reason they want to start driving lessons). It´s giving you a wider opportunity for a better job, especially if it is a distance from your home. It also gives you freedom to go places that aren´t as accessible with public transport...wouldn´t you agree?

So how do you become a safe driver? We´ll tell you how, we´ll show you how, and we´ll help you take on board all the good things to become a safe and competent driver, and none of the bad things. Before you know it, you will be at the standard required to pass that ´life changing´ test.

Mike Williams Driving School is here to make it happen for you.
When does it start?....Straight away on your very 1st lesson. And that is a guarantee.

So how can you make this happen? Just pick up the phone and let´s start this journey together.

Beginner Driving Lessons

Straight away on your first driving lesson you are going to learn the good driving habits that you will use to help you pass your driving test and become a safe driver for life!

Part Trained

You can already drive, so show me what skills you have and we can improve them to get you to test standard.
For some reason you started to learn to drive and then you stopped. Perhaps you had a few lessons with friends and family, or maybe it was a different school. Whatever your background in driving you have some level of experience and I want to use that to make sure you save time AND money in passing your driving test.

Confidence Building

Anxious and feeling nervous? This is not what you want when driving a car. I am going to help you take back control and make you feel comfortable behind the wheel...Promise!!

Driving Test Rescue

Think about the real reason for you repeatedly failing... it´s not your fault, your previous instructor might not have prepared you correctly. Let´s see what we can do shall we?

Weekend Lessons
Not able to learn during the week because of other commitments? problem we can fit in lessons, and even your driving test, on a weekend.

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My mission is to get you to Pass your Test 1st Time!
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