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Are You Happy With Your Current Instructor?

Do I enjoy each and every lesson?
Do I get value for my money?
Am I improving each lesson?
Do we agree what we will do BEFORE each lesson?

  • Danielle Muir of GloucesterMike is a very well organised individual and he cares for his customers, he was going to help me learn the best way possible.... ...
  • Vijay Kesavaram from CheltenhamMike is the third instructor I’ve had, and is by far the best. I would definitely recommend him as a driving instructor. ...
  • Cara McGrath from Gloucester...but it was a lot better than I expected and very happy that I swapped instructors. He made me feel so confident! ...
  • Katie Andrews in Gloucester.....and loves to answer any questions I had, no matter how silly they seemed. ...
  • Ryan Cook of GloucesterShowed the examiner what a good driver you are. ...
  • Nick West of GloucesterOnce again thanks very much for all you have done, i mean it when i say you made passing my test effortless TOP BLOKE!! ...
  • Isabella Diaz Paramo in GloucesterIt’s more about quality than quantity. ...
  • Tatum Piszczecki  GloucesterYou believed in me and gave me that confidence and courage to conquer my fear and I MADE IT! ...

Why waste your time and money if you are not totally happy?....

My Students Say....
Clive Manning of Gloucester

I chose Mike Williams Driving School because I found that I was not progressing with my previous instructor. Mike gave me some free advice which I took on board but came to the decision that I needed to change. I think he has a very good website with great Customer Reviews so I changed to him. I had found learning to drive harder than expected. I found Mike to be calm, patient and relaxed. He is easy to get on with and is a great motivator and confidence builder. He is very good at picking up on any weaknesses and always correcting them on time. I would definitely recommend Mike to anybody wanting to learn to drive or even thinking about changing instructor. Until I changed to Mike I found learning to drive stressful!!!
Clive Manning, Gloucester

My Students Say....
Danielle Muir of Gloucester

My name is Danielle Muir, and I live in Gloucester at the moment.
I searched the Internet for the cheapest prices and soon realised that Mike Williams lessons where REALLY good value for money, the website was appealing it had many good reviews, it all looked very professional also he was very quick on responding to my call and answered all questions which made me feel like he actually wanted to teach me.
I got his number from the website.
I felt at ease with Mike he had a lot of time and patience which helped me to relax then I could learn new skills.
How did I find his teaching methods?... Mike is a very well organised individual and he cares for his customers, he was going to help me learn the best way possible and eventually he taught me all I needed to know to drive safely and confidently.
Would I recommend Mike to friends and family? Yes I would recommend Mike Williams to many friends and family as he has a very good way with people helping them learn to drive with ease he is very professional and well organised when I took my driving test.
Thanks again Mike for all your help and support.

My Students Say....
Chloe Perez of Gloucester

My name is Chloe Perez and I live in Gloucester. I found Mike Williams Driving School online and really liked the website with all it’s information and great customer reviews. The overall learning to drive experience I found easier than I thought it would be. Mike’s teaching methods were really effective, he was very patient and soI found rted out my clutch control issues. I felt that Mike trusted me , which gave me more confidence to learn. His system for teaching the manouvres was great including putting the door mirror down so that I could see the kerb…I found that to be very useful. Would I recommend Mike Williams to others?,,,,,..Absolutely, and I have already done so. He has loads of patience and is very professional in his approach to driving lessons which made me thoroughly enjoy every one of them. Thanks Mike!
Chloe Perez, Gloucester

My Students Say....
Kelsey Ryan of Gloucester

I chose Mike as my driving instructor because I didn´t like my previous 2 instructors. I found Mike online and was impressed by his Customer Reviews. I found learning to drive nerve wracking, but it did get easier. He is very good, calming and his instructions are easy to understand and follow. I was more than happy, he is very easy to get on with.. I will be recommending him to friends and also my brother.

My Students Say....
Amber Rose Powell of Gloucester

I had my driving lessons with Mike Williams, as he was recommended to me for which I was glad. I would most definitely highly recommend him as a Driving Instructor.

He is friendly, so easy to talk too and teaches you so well that you learn faster but properly, saving you money. His teaching methods were brilliant! I learnt quickly and could afford to do so as his prices are so great!

It wasn´t long before I was taking my Test feeling really confident, and passed 1st time, with only 4 minors.

To sum up...great prices, nice car to drive and an amazing driving instructor. I´m so glad I went with Mike and wouldn´t of thought twice about going with someone else.

My Students Say....
Tatum Piszczecki Gloucester

Thank you so so very much Mike! I could not have done it without YOU! You believed in me and gave me that confidence and courage to conquer my fear and I MADE IT!

I chose Mike Williams, as my sister had driving lessons with Mike and she passed a few years ago. She also spoke highly of Mike as well as his cool and friendly approach or manner in which he guides and teachers his students. Mike made her feel very relaxed and not nervous and he truly believes that his students can become good, confident and safe drivers. I knew that Mike would be the best driving instructor as my sister was very positive and spoke highly of him and i just knew that Mike would help me get over my fear of driving.

I got your contact number from Tammy Mahoney

It surpassed my expectations by miles. I never ever expected to be able to drive on these roads (some narrow roads that scared me in not wanting to drive) BUT I have conquered those fears and feel confident to drive anywhere as well as pleased with myself in that I FINALLY have a driver´s license.

Mike´s teaching methods were absolutely BRILLIANT. He was approachable and sociable thus putting me at ease especially since learning to drive is stressful already but Mike made me feel like I could conquer anything, even the world. He has the patience of a saint and truly explained questions and scenarios that needed answering. Mike´s teaching methods where easy and not complicated at all.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend you (Mike) to family and friends because everyone who knows me, know how terrified I was to drive here, let alone get my driver´s license. So if I, Tatum, can pass and be confident in knowing how to drive (which i still cannot must still sink in that i have my driver´s license) then I would and will HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE BEST DRIVING INSTRUCTOR - MIKE WILLIAMS.
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