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Triple Guarantee

Triple Guarantee

So what sets Mike Williams Driving School apart from ANY other driving school in the area? Well our Triple Guarantee definitely does that for sure. We are a driving school with a massive difference. We looked at other driving schools, their pass rates and how they delivered their lessons etc and we knew that we could be so much better. This has resulted with us becoming a top driving school helping learners pass their driving tests.

We give you the best service possible when it comes to your lessons and you learning to drive. We have a created a service that takes action, firmly puts you in the driving seat (pardon the pun) and very quickly you will see your driving skills grow.

´Driving around the block´ should be a thing of the past....but many driving schools still do it! This results in you having a very low chance of passing your test. Warning here...Be prepared for top quality driving lessons where you will become able to assess your own skills. You won´t be hoping that you are good enough when you meet your driving examiner. You will know that you will ´smash´ your test, no problem at all.

Read about the Triple Guarantee below.

1. Money Back Guarantee

If you are not entirely happy with your first lesson we will refund you.
No argument or worries.
No questions asked.
I will wish you all the best in passing your test with another driving school.

The thing is we reckon we are good! That´s why we are promising you a top level service.

2. Pass Promise

You read that correctly....we make a promise that you will pass your driving test first time, and if you don’t, we will cover the cost of your second test.
This is how the Pass Promise works.

...You will have at least one session of training a week lasting for 2 hours. If you miss a week, for whatever reason, you have to make the week up by doubling up.

...You will have a minimum of 40 hours training. (The government say that the average hours to achieve test standard is 47.

...You will have completed all of your Progress Chart.

...You will have passed a mock test.

...All tests are booked with the agreement of your instructor.

...You will have passed your theory test within 6 weeks of your first lesson.

...If you fail your test you will be required to take one remedial lesson a week up until the 2nd test.

...All tests and lessons are conducted with a Mike Williams Driving School Instructor.

3. 2 Year Driving Licence Warranty

Once you have passed your driving test you are in a way, on probation. If you get 6 points or more on your licence in the next 2 years, you lose it! Simple as that.
Therefore if you feel you would like a free refresher lesson after you have passed your test, we are here to help. You might want the lesson because you are driving a new car for the first time, or maybe you have had a speeding fine....it doesn´t matter what the reason is. The lessons must be taken in your own car.

You are entitled to a 2 hour refresher lesson each year for those 2 years.
You cannot exchange, swap or sell the lessons.
Lessons you didn’t take can’t be carried over into the following year.
Refresher lessons are not for advanced lessons such as Pass Plus or motorway lessons.
You provide a fuelled and road legal car which you are insured to drive.
We agree a convenient time, date and location.

Are you able to find another driving school that makes the same promises as Mike Williams Driving School? We did say that we are different, 1st Class Service is what we deliver.
Pick up the phone and call us today on 07863239331.

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