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Daisy Whelan

1st time passer
Thanks for being my counsellor for 5 months Mike, we got there in the end!
My name is Daisy Whelan and I chose Mike Williams because he is a safe and reliable driving instructor. He also has a high pass rate and this filled me with the confidence I needed when learning to drive.
I got his details as a recommendation.
As I have had previous driving lessons with another instructor I already had preset ideas about how the driving lessons will be, however I found Mike to be much better than expected and for me he found the correct balance between reassurance and not allowing me to withdraw due to lack of confidence in my ability. I also like that I felt I was able to set the pace of the lessons and any instruction Mike gave never felt condescending and instead it was always helpful.
For me, Mikes methods really worked. Although sometimes I would ask for more reassurance he knew when to stop speaking and allow me to make the decisions and trust my own instinct. He also enabled me to feel confident when those decisions were right and when they were incorrect he explained completely (and as many times as needed) until I fully understood so I could log what had happened for next time.
I would recommend Mike to friends and family, especially those who are keen to learn but perhaps need reassurance. He is kind and funny and makes driving feel easy. Finally, I passed first time within 5 months of working with him proving that Mike’s methods really do work.

Thanks for being my counsellor for 5 months Mike, we got there in the end!

My Mission is to get You to Pass your Test 1st Time!
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